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How to take a dog selfie

The human had this foolish idea where she thought Donna could be like you.


Now don’t get the friendbeast wrong. It’s not that the family is ashamed of Donna’s local mongrel heritage. Although the human did admit she had at one point quite liked pugs, specifically many years back after she saw this Japanese Horror flick Gakko no Kaidan (I think) which had, among many ghosties, a talking pug in it. But that was many years ago, and hardly a compelling reason to get a pug. (No offence there!)

So anyway, here’s how the friendbeast got Donna to pull a Norm Pug (faux) self-shot. Right now the human has this to say to you, Norm Pug – you make it look so easy.

1) Teach your dog to high-five
You see, first the human had to teach Donna to high-five. And by a stroke of luck, she did have a lucky break some months back and taught Donna to high-five by a fluke, believe it or not! Donna can now high-five with her left or right paw. And when she is super excited, she would offer both… but no, she doesn’t know to do both paws on command. The human reckons another lucky fluke is much needed!! :P


2) Get your dog to love looking at the camera/mobile photo-taking communication device
Norm Pug, you must really love the camera. Unfortunately, Donna disdains it, so much so she doesn’t want to look at it! Here’s the evidence/out-takes :


The human always talks about training the dog this and training Donna that. Donna can only heave a sigh of relief that the human doesn’t think to train the dog that is Donna to look at the photographer on command. She preferred Donna to look natural so that she could tell when Donna feels distressed and can stop the session.

The human did wonder though if playing a dog barking audio from the phone will get Donna to look at it. She remembered reading something like that on Kristen‘s post about a dog database app that plays dog barking noises (she thinks) to get the dog to look at  the phone for picture taking. Perhaps that’s worth a shot, who knows?

But mainly the friendbeast just waited to snap the moment Donna looks to the front. Donna really was not in the mood. Can you see Donna’s grumpy face in the photos? And yet Donna still stays there waiting for a treat. Ah, the conflict of being the apartment dog in our family! D: Donna wished Donna could bring herself to just walk away. It’s hard. Norm Pug you must be nodding your little smooshed up face in sympathy with Donna, aren’t you?

Anyway, Donna hopes your human stops before the you get too stressed up. Donna usually will give the friendbeast the I-don’t-want-to-look-at-you nose point to the side or up in the air when Donna starts to get frustrated, so the human knows Donna needs her to wrap up ASAP! (but don’t forget to beg for treats still!)

3) Take the picture with the dog looking straight into the frame, with her right front leg lifted and paw cut off on the left side of frame
Norm pug, are you right-handed paw-ed? You seem to favour your right paw for your selfies. Donna doesn’t care either way but the human is a stickler for details.

4) Crop to the square format and upload to Instagram
The human didn’t have a plain-coloured background that Norm Pug, you have, so the human applied filters to the picture instead.

doggy-selfie-1 doggy-selfie-2